Published On: Sat, Mar 17th, 2012

Biologic – Your Social Feeds Expressed As Living Cells

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Biologic is an interesting new iPad app from Bloom, a San Francisco start-up, that provides a very entertaining way to view your social feeds like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. Your streams are displayed as a metaphor for the way biological cells communicate.

Biologic iPad app by Bloom

The cells, each representing a different person, fill your screen with some nice sound effects. The more recent the content or post the bigger the cell. Each particle inside a cell represents a recent update. You can tap an update to read it, follow links and find updates with different media such as photos, videos, links and check-ins. If a piece of content has been shared or retweeted then it will wiggle.

Biologic. The bigger the cell the more recent the update

I needed to get used to the visual metaphor, and for quick scanning of your streams it will not do, but I had good fun using the app at more relaxed moments. The design btw is awesome, and the visual approach very interesting and mysterious like your social network is a living organism, which it very well may be.

Biologic. Tap a particle within the cell to read the update

Bloom plans to offer new tools that let you see different kind of data connections or search for keywords such as hashtags.

This version of the Biologic is free for download. Do give it a try.

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