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KLM: “Personal Space Experiment” Smart little film touting the main benefit of KLM’s business class seating. And so true…

Samsung: “Optical Illusion” Exactly how realistic is a Samsung printer? Behold…

Toyota: “Prius Goes Plural” Here’s a nice little ditty announcing new Prius models from Toyota. The animation is clever, well-crafted and fun to watch. (That said, the seemingly obligatory crowd-source component seems forced.) Nonetheless, enjoy…

Intel: “The Chase Film”: Here’s a visual feast. It’s built to demonstrate the multi-tasking potential provided by Intel’s new processor. Superb effort.

Subaru: This ad makes fun of the four-door sedan crowd, in a highly humorous way, in an aim to set their new Legacy apart from the rest… very clever advertising!

Google Germany: Illustrating the claim “Life’s a trip,” German agency, Sehsucht takes viewers on an interactive tour through the world. The ad created for Google Germany to promote the country’s newly launched Google Maps with Street View combines both 3D and stop motion to reveal a visually stunning global adventure that entices you to book a ticket immediately.

Axe ‘Rise Up’: The Axe ‘Rise Up’ campaign plays a trick on your eyes in this featured video. In the beginning, the French caption tells the audience to simply look at the main character until the very end.

Target “Baby”: You would think that 10 seconds of nothing but a baby sitting on a kitchen mat wouldn’t make a particularly compelling commercial. But the face on this child as it takes a poop is priceless. This Target spot is among a slew of 15-second spots in Wieden + Kennedy’s “Life’s a Moving Target” campaign. Like the others in the series, it effortlessly captures an everyday moment and manages to say more about the brand and the role it plays in consumers’ lives than most overreaching or product-driven retailer ads.

Pantene: Thai Pantene television commercial. Its simply brilliant. The story of a deaf and mute girl who learns to play the violin against all odds. One of the most touching advertisements Ive seen in a long, long time.

10:10 Campaign: The 10:10 campaign group self destructs with this violent and supposedly amusing video. They pulled the video after realising what a mistake it was so here it is again in all it’s gory detail!

“Break the Habit”: A part of a public service announcement, this childhood obesity commercial ‘Break The Habit’ takes a dark spin on fast food by implying that hamburgers are a lot like heroin.

Set in a gray and depressing scene, a mother comes home with a paper bag only to reveal heroin tools and its deathly drug. In a twisted spin as she prepares to inject the heroin in what looks like herself, but it is actually prepared for her young son. The ad’s message ends with, “You wouldn’t inject your kids with junk, so why are you feeding it to them?” Check out the video. It’s a junkie’s must-see.

Nissan LEAF; Polar Bear: This spot is by NISSAN. It’s for their new LEAF car, which is fully electric. I’m so impressed that a car company would make an ad like this with such a strong message about global warming. Get ready, because this is a VERY powerful & intense 62 seconds. This ad is AMAZING!

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