Published On: Tue, Apr 24th, 2012

Corps Electoral

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For centuries Sex and Politics go hand in hand, but the last decade we’ve seem to have embraced ‘sex’ as a tool to promote political ideas, or politicians in general. And since it’s election season I was waiting to see who was throwing their assets on the campaign train to ‘motivate the electorate’.

Frederique Bel - Banned by Twitter

It’s no surprise the French kicked off in an attempt to add some ‘bite’ to the presidential candidate Francois Hollande, who is all but glamorous. It is French actress and comedian Frederique Bel who used her Histamatic talents to add a little ‘sexy fun’ to the ‘anti-glam’ image of Francois Hollande.

Frederique published a picture of herself naked with as a loin cloth a ballot with Francois Hollande’s name as a way to create the contrast with a candidate not especially sexy.

However, only a few hours after the picture was posted on Twitter, the service terminated the account for ‘indecent assault’.

With her Twitter account closed Frederique took her campaign and followers to Facebook and started a little political rally prompting a few of her followers to send in similar pictures.

Cool dude, nice stockings too but who are you voting for?

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