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Posted By Bartel Scheers On Thursday, September 8th, 2011 With 2 Comments

Here are some of the best ‘interactive ads’ I’ve came across. They’re all brilliant, emphasized the message or allow interaction with the product without the need for a large production budget.

Brazilian Bikini's

Mascara ad from China

Men's underwear Styx

Takes some effort to open, with a characteristic audible sound for hair removal.

Big Bubble Chewing Gum

Adidas' Forever Sport imitate training flipping the magazine pages.

Not sure what to think about this ad for Hombre Magazine


Floss Miradent

Suntan Hawaiian Tropic's offer to enjoy the sun at 100%.


Another car maker Volkswagen take their pay-off for the Golf R “Eat the Road” quite literally with this eatable ad made ??from rice flour, salt, water, propylene glycol and glycerin.

No seriously eat it!

The very thin MacBook

The well-known effect lift the chest Push Up in action.

This brilliant Ad from DHL Couriers tells everything you need to know about DHL.

Simple but brilliant

Amnesty International found a creative use of the magazine’s staples.

Staples as Handcuffs...clever.

If you do it by force – this is rape.” Advertising for POWA (“People Against Violence Against Women”)

Works for me.

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  2. Sarai says:

    Hey, the one where it looks like she’s giving head is the best! . After that there were pertographhos, stylists, assistants, photo editors, graphic designers, assistants and a whole lot of other people who became involved in the process and not a single one of them said With our budget do we really want to go for something that borders on stupid and down right offensive? or screamed What the hell are we doing?! . It’s almost amusing . but only almost! I would like to see numbers on if these advertisements actually work though

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