Published On: Thu, Mar 15th, 2012

Kate Upton has been banned again for being Too Hot for TV

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Poor, or should I say lucky, Kate Upton – Victoria Secret Angel and rising super model – has been banned from TV again. The 19-year-old model’s latest ad, for streetwear label Zoo York, has been banned from MTV and Turner Entertainment’s, Adult Swim Network cause she’s been deemed ‘too hot for TV’ by the U.S. networks.

Banned from networks. Kate Upton for Zoo York

Both channels have cited Kate’s ‘erect nipple’ and the use of profanity as why they’ve decided to ban the advertisement from the airwaves. In the ad two cockroaches are talking to each other but they are talking about two different sights. That makes the profanity. No kidding. Ain’t that funny for a network like MTV?

And the other complaint the ‘erect nipple’? No idea, didn’t see anything ‘erect’, but see for yourself.

Did you see it?

Anyway, it’s not the first commercial for the model that’s been launched into the limelight thanks to her appearance on the highly coveted cover of Sport Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue (Hello!! Adult Swim Channel. Anybody home?) that has been banned for being too hot for TV.

Launched into limelight Kate Upton for Sport Illustrated

Kate was also at the center of Carl’s Jr. latest Southwest Patty Melt-commercial and we all know how they like to serve their burgers. Hot. Very Hot! The TV-ad was supposed to air at the Super Bowl, but was banned also for being ‘too hot for TV’.

Well, I guess there’s something to agree with this decision cause for a typical family event like the Super Bowl this is not entirely satisfying. Excellent TV-ad nevertheless.

But banning this TV ad for Zoo York is stupid, though it is certainly set to increase Kate’s notoriety. If her performance as ‘eye-catcher’ in SoBe’s Staring Contest-campaign ad wasn’t all Kate needed anyway.

To end it, here’s one of the more anatomically strange ads of last year. This spot for Zippearz earbuds featured a female jogger whose breasts got frighteningly auto-jiggly with the funky dance beat, much to the dismay/curiosity of a dude sitting nearby on a park bench. “They won’t fall out,” explains the just-as-crass female voiceover, which is all breathy and sultry—referring to the earbuds, obviously.

Not banned. I guess the profanity of two Muppet-like cockroaches beats a pair of dancing boobs with the moral department. *sigh*

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