Published On: Wed, May 26th, 2010

Scented banner? Yes!

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Here’s some smart thinking and out-of-the-box execution. Literally that is. The world’s first scented web banner for Brazil’s best-selling men’s fragrance “Kaiak”.

When ID/TBWA, Kaiak’s agency, was requested to come up with a campaign to announce that the product had changed – but not more than that – obviously they couldn’t show the new fragrance on the web, unless the could find a way to put the scent on the banner. And that is exactly what they did using some clever out-of-the-box thinking and simple technology.

TBWA made an agreement with more than 15 internet cafes, which are used mostly by young working men, who do not have computers at home and who happened to be Kaiaks main target audience.

Second they created a plug-in that inserted the banner on the Internet cafes internet start page.

The banner read:

The best selling men’s fragrance in the country just changed. Want to try it? Click this banner. It’s scented.

After the click the banner slides out of the computer screen sideways and at the same time a custom hardware developed by TBWA ejected a paper version of the banner with the scent sample as if the banner literally came out of the web into the real world.

Amazingly simple, but what a great find!

The results?
The scented banner had a click-through rate of 17,2% – that is 43 times higher than the global average. 10,000 scented banners were distributed in just one weekend.

Watch the video to see how they made it work.

Agency: ID/TBWA São Paulo, Brazil
Concept & Creative Direction: Domenico Massareto

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    Great Job!

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    RT @Bartel: Scented banner? Yes!

  3. ? duivels says:

    RT @bartel: Scented banner? Yes! #advertising #agencies #banners #web

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