Published On: Thu, Nov 18th, 2010

Sex, Politics & Campaigning

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You don’t need to be a marketing wizard to know that sex is a potent ingredient for a successful viral. I mean upload a naked picture of yourself to Facebook and it will spread like wildfire. At least amongst your friends, and their friends, and theirs…
The more friends you have, or the better the picture; the faster and further it will jump from inbox to inbox; hence your own little viral campaign.

Using sex as a campaign driver is so easy that we at Seqwood usually don’t take much notice of it. Let alone blog about it. But when sex gets intimate with politics we kind of get interested; especially during election time when we already have an increased human interest for politicians’ campaign tactics. Naturally.

This is why we suddenly found ourselves hugely interested in this Sunday’s local elections in Poland.

Meet Katarzyna Szczolek, a Polish politician who has found a new way to enter politics – by coming out with sexy election posters. She is standing for office in her local authority in Warsaw – this Sunday – with the tempting credo: “Honest, sincere, direct and uncompromising.” No idea what else she has to say or can do for Warsaw, but she’s a winner FTW. That much we can say see. To our Polish friends we’d say; Vote…uuhh…wisely.

However, Katarzyna — she is a gifted singer too btw (vid after the click) – is not the first politician to have found a convincing method to communicate with voters. Who doesn’t remember the Belgian politician by the name of Tania Derveaux – steamy enough to heat up the cold, cold stare of Hamlet’s ghost.

There is no way on Earth you naturally end up with a person like this as a top running politician in your country without spiking your water with plutonium or genetic engineering. Just look at this:

It’s no secret that Europe is the habitat of the world’s most beautiful women, and since politicians are a mirror of our society it is natural that you’ll find the most beautiful politicians in Europe too. However once in a lifetime a promising politician arises at the other side of the pond like Belinda Stronach from Canada who represented the Canadian voters in 2006 as their Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development. What can we possibly add to that?

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