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SVEDKA Vodka launched its new TV campaign with first of the two old-school music videos featuring the brand icon SVEDKA_Grl. For the first time SVEDKA_Grl has come to life fully animated, and viewers can see her walk, dance, play a keytar and even fly to the moon.

The animation is produced by expert animation houses – BUF and Laundry! – who were joined by the famous music video director Melina Matsoukas, who has worked with a lot of great names in the modern music industry, such as Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Rihanna.

The animations are quite spectacular, but unfortunately Melina Matsoukas did a lot of copy-paste from her own previous work using the usual symbolism package that are the signature elements of todays entertainment industry.

Like the pyramids:

Svedka Pyramids

Beyonce performing in front of Pyramids

The popular butterfly symbolism

Svedka and the use of the Monarch butterfly symbolism

Lady Gaga and butterflies

The tank barrel phallus kinda thing

Svedka and the tank barrel phallus kinda thing

Rihanna and her tank barrel phallus kinda thing

SVEDKA_Grl allegedly got her moves for the videos by studying famous models Heidi Klum, Brooklyn Decker and Dita Von Teese. Well, apparently that’s not the only thing she got from studying ‘others’.

Like the martini glass shot:

Svedka in a martini glass

Dita von Teese practically build her fame occupying a martini glass

Paris Hilton did so too in 2008

Even worse, for Svedka that is, Dita von Teese is the official ambassador of Cointreau. And guess how the French liquor brand is using Dita von Teese for their branding? That’s right, Dita occupying a cocktail glass

Dita von Teese for Cointreau

For a brand that likes to promote itself as a futuristic brand, or a “#1 vodka in 2033″, and is trying hard to stay bold and innovative the videos are, although spectacular and enjoyable, lazy and cheap.

Despite Diana Pawlik, Vice President of Marketing for SVEDKA Vodka, saying:

“The spirit of these new TV spots truly captures the essence of SVEDKA_Grl as her fun, cheeky self. The result is colorful, provocative, outrageous, fun and cheeky – all the things the SVEDKA brand has come to embody since 2007.”

Yeah, yeah.. all true, but also all not so innovative or original. Not even the robot, who was used in an excellent video “Human” for Johnny Walker aired in 2006 (!)

Of course, there’s nothing wrong in using symbolism or elements from popular culture. Actually this could be a very smart thing to do. But for a brand the wants to be futuristic and innovative I would expect a whole lot more creativity and a video-director that isn’t using her own checklist approach.

Anyway, here are the two videos combined in one YT-movie.

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