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By Bartel Scheers On Saturday, March 17th, 2012

The Seed

Part immersive theatre and part online mystery, The Seed is a real-world treasure hunt of the grandest proportions. Inspired by true stories of the intrepid Victorian plant hunters, The Seed asks a new breed of More...

By Bartel Scheers On Friday, March 2nd, 2012
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Last year July MIT Sloan School of Management and Cambridge Judge Business School launched in what they called the first ever worldwide time critical social mobilisation experiment. Think of this as a high-tech More...

By Bartel Scheers On Friday, September 30th, 2011

Phone Story: Banned!

Molleindustria’s satirical app, Phone Story, which attempted to open player’s eyes to the distasteful practices of smartphone manufacturers, has been banned from the App Store by Apple. Phone Story contained More...

By Bartel Scheers On Wednesday, September 28th, 2011
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Sum of No Fears

CGI has come a long way since Leisure Suit Larry. So much that it can cause quite some embarrassment if dealt with by an untrained eye like the British TV-channel ITV recently discovered. For ITV’s Exposure More...

By Bartel Scheers On Friday, July 29th, 2011
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Deus Ex: Human Revolution

First, let’s assume that people are fine with installing cybernetic implants that require taking drugs the rest of your life. Second, let’s also assume that those implants are controlled by a mega-corporation, More...

By Bartel Scheers On Thursday, July 21st, 2011

Backseat Driver

If you’re one of those people who insist on driving from the back seat even when it annoys the person behind the wheel, or you suffer ‘Are we nearly there yet?’-children occupying the backseat More...

By Bartel Scheers On Saturday, July 16th, 2011
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Happy Oasis

‘Social games for social good’ has been a tag line for many a developer. Many Facebook game creators like Zynga offer the power of their audience to make major donations to victims of natural disasters More...

By Bartel Scheers On Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Hate is Stupid

Humans don’t like being pushed around, especially when it’s some smart brochure or slick movie doing the pushing and it’s telling them not to – let’s assume a popular global topic – ‘hate’ More...

By Bartel Scheers On Saturday, June 25th, 2011
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Thomas Dolby’s Floating City Game

The seminal new wave/electronica trailblazer Thomas Dolby has officially launched “The Floating City”, and it is quite the promotional interactive multimedia accomplishment. The “transmedia” project is primarily More...

By Bartel Scheers On Friday, June 24th, 2011
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Time Critical Social Mobilisation

Think of this as a high-tech treasure hunt promises an experiment designed by two of the world’s leading business management schools to examine exactly how the internet and social networks mobilize people into More...

By Bartel Scheers On Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Augmented Reality Cinema

AR technology has been getting seriously powerful recently, but we still need smart little ideas like this to keep us interested. “Augmented Reality Cinema” is a concept which would spot when you’re in a More...

By Bartel Scheers On Friday, June 17th, 2011

Hive Mind

In a darkened Las Vegas conference room, a cheering audience waves cardboard wands in the air. Each wand is red on one side, green on the other. Far in back of the huge auditorium, a camera scans the frantic attendees. More...